The Challis Romper

Challis Romper 10Happy Tuesday, loves! The day after a long weekend is always the hardest! But luckily, the extra time I had this weekend has gotten me all caught up on my blog posts (its about time).

So happy it’s finally romper season! I’ve been waiting FOREVERΒ to wear the Challis romper, scored from the Lilly for Target collection about a month and a half ago! This bright yellow print instantly takes me to a sunny summer day, and I’m so happy that the weather is finally getting there. :)

Challis Romper 9

Challis Romper 8


Pastel Pleats & Silver Accents

Pastel Pleats & Silver Accents 4I cannot believe how cold the weather has been the past couple of days. Of course, it’s nothing compared to the winter we had a couple of months ago, but still–it’s almost June! I guess it just feels weird to not be able to wear shorts right now, but hey, if it means that I’ll get to wear these gorgeous dark wash jeans a couple of more times, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining. ;D

Last look of my blazer vest series today, featuring this gorgeous pastel pleated top paired with my favorite tuxedo style blazer vest! I wasn’t sure if this pairing worked at first, but now I’m loving how the pleats look with the tuxedo vest!

Pastel Pleats & Silver Accents 2

Pastel Pleats & Silver Accents 3


Summer Blues

Summer Blues 2Happy Friday, loves! Three posts in a row this week–must be a new record for me! (And there’s one more coming tomorrow!)

Mixing together casual and chic today, pairing together a fun printed jumpsuit with a structured sleeveless blazer! Loving how these two pieces look together!

Summer Blues 3

Summer Blues 5