Grey Monochrome

Seasonal Greys 2Happy weekend, loves! Finally the end of the week! These weeks seem to get longer and longer as it gets closer to the end of the semester…and that’s why I’m making sure to enjoy every moment of my weekends, especially now that the weather is warmer!

Head-to-toe in seasonal greys–can’t seem to kick this color crush! The trick to wearing just one color is to mix different textures and silhouettes. Here, I’ve got a boxier top, with Β faux sequined layering and a pleated skirt. I love how these different pieces work with each other and can almost be mistaken for a dress.

Seasonal Greys 3

Seasonal Greys 4


Central Park Meanderings

Central Park 1Happy Tuesday, loves! Hope your week is off to a good start! :) Got hit with some rain yesterday and all I can dream of is the gorgeous weather from the past weekend. It actually hit 79 degrees! :O Luckily, I had some time to spare and got to enjoy the afternoon up at Central Park.

It’s always such a hard decision for me to choose what to wear when the weather is nice outside because I always want to take full advantage. Nice days that aren’t too cold or hot come by only a handful of times in New York, but I finally decided on this baby blue peplum top and my favorite pair of jeans at the moment.

Central Park 2

Central Park 3


Springtime Neutrals

Springtime Neutrals 1Happy weekend, loves! A bit of layered springtime neutrals for you guys today. Pairing blush with a blazer vest & some fun prints for a dressy-casual weekend look!

Springtime Neutrals 2

Springtime Neutrals 3

Springtime Neutrals 4